Who is Work Dive Balance?

We are a young, newly founded diving school (in 2022) from Baselland (Laufental). We offer many types of diving courses in the Basel region (Basel Stadt, Riehen and Bettingen), Baselland (Laufen, Arlesheim, Liestal and Sissach), Solothurn (Breitenbach, Büsserach and Dornach) and Aargau (Fricktal). Everyone else is of course also very welcome.
Work Dive Balance is intended to combine 2 topics. On the one hand, the reference to Work Live Balance, which many of us are always looking for. But what do you do in the Live area? For us, the answer is Dive.
From our point of view, diving should be integrated into our lives in the same way as a movie night, a good meal or a wellness weekend, without becoming a restriction or an obligation. Diving is a beautiful thing and contributes a lot to the quality of life. I (we) would like to bring this closer to you. Since it is almost impossible to live without work, we at Work Dive Balance try to design the offer in such a way that there is room for diving alongside your job. If you can't find a suitable offer (e.g. in terms of time or on certain days), ask and we will look for a solution.

I look forward to your inquiry and see you soon for a dive.


What are we doing?

We transform fear into courage, timidity into confidence, timidity into ability and expectation into enthusiasm. We open our hearts and minds to nature and protect it. We promote self-confidence, character and integrity and change lives for the better.

Credo as a PADI professional

What do customers think?

Diving with Michi is great fun

Diving with Michi is great fun. He has a very professional knowledge of all aspects of diving. He knows great diving spots on the Swiss lakes. I feel completely safe diving with him as he also has a well-equipped emergency kit. He is also always up for a nice chat or a joke. Gladly again.
🤿 Happy bubbles

Steffi H.

A benefit for the pupils

Hey Michi
Heard that you are now a PADI Open Water Diver Instructor, congratulations.
Your future students can look forward to a good instructor.
I soon realized that you have a lot of potential. A great deal of calm and composure characterized you early on.
I look forward to welcoming you to our diving center in Antalya every time I can experience a few beautiful dives with you.
See you soon.

Peter P.

Cool trial dive 😎

It was a super interesting and relaxed trial dive in Mallorca.

Loris C.

When quality is important

If quality and a personal touch are important, Michi is the right place for you.
He takes the time to listen to you and is always in a good mood.
Diving is simply fun.

Chantal C.